Paper Roll Order Form

Delivery Time (for orders placed before 11:00am)
Next day: Ontario and Quebec
2-4 days: Rest of Canada

Paper Rolls

Transaction Receipts must be retained.

Cheap paper rolls are NOT always a good deal.

All paper rolls are NOT created equal!

Our receipt printer paper meets and exceeds manufacturers printer specifications that will NOT void your printer warranty.

  1. Beware of cheap paper that appear to be the same size as our rolls; large cores or thicker paper (thicker paper is not good) actually reduces the paper length.
  2. Beware of cheap paper products that leave a residue on the thermal print head causing heat insulation leading to print head burn out.
  3. Beware of cheap paper products that fade the print image until nothing is legible. Credit Card receipts must be retained for 1 year: Debit Card receipts must be retained for 7 years.

DELIVERY TIME (for orders placed before 11:00am Eastern (Toronto) time)

  • 2 Days – Ontario and Quebec
  • 4 Days – The Rest of Canada

Beware of paper telemarketers!

Beware of companies that contact you to solicit a terminal paper roll order. Merchants receiving these calls have been forced to pay Hundreds of Dollars on an order that should not cost more than $50.

Beware of callers that identity themselves as representatives of Canmor Inc. WE DO NOT CONTACT our merchants to solicit paper roll orders.