Canmor Inc. offers a unique business opportunity to individuals who are tired of working for someone else. For individuals who want to break away from their 8 to 5 job with the uncertainty of layoffs and who want to maximize their financial situation…. not their employers.

Our PARTNERS PROGRAM is a unique business opportunity without the high franchise fees or investment fees. Our program is NOT a franchise operation. You pay NO financial investment fee; your investment is your time, energy and enthusiasm. We will establish you into our program. You could be “up and running” and working for yourself within 10 business days.

With our PARTNERS PROGRAM and our assistance, you will start down a path of financial independence, managing your own business, and successfully marketing your services. If you are looking to be your own boss in a lucrative industry while taking back control of your life….. Welcome to Canmor.

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What's In It For ME?

The Chance to become financially independent and call your own shots, with the support and resources of the dedicated Canmor Staff.

You will not only learn to use, market and sell the equipment, but you will gather marketing strategies and tactics, as well as utilizing our collective buying power and existing relationships (ie. lower hardware costs, better leasing rates, lower Interac rates and lower Credit Card rates) putting you ahead of the competition

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

We have been in the Point of Sale business since 2002. The president of Canmor has over 22 years experience in the point-of-sale industry; having occupied senior and executive positions with Canada’s largest financial institution, an innovative software solutions company and a prominent terminal manufacturer.

An earlier version of our Partner’s Program was first offered in 2004 and we are happy to say that our very first partner is still with us and still in the business. His talents and energy is not benefiting someone else… he is his own boss; he has hired staff and opened a sales office.

What's the Point-of-Sale Industry?

Every business in Canada accepts payment for their products and services; gone are the days of consumers paying by cheque, almost all businesses accept Interac debit cards and Credit Cards. Canmor Inc. through it’s Partner’s Program sells hardware and transaction processing services to businesses so they can accept Interac, Visa, MasterCard and other cards as payment. Partner’s provide small to mid sized merchants the opportunity to break free from the costly bank systems, save them a significant amount of money and give them some decision power on how their terminal works.

Point of Sale is a multi-billion dollar industry originally developed by the Banks that offers exceptional financial opportunity while being a “safe” place to work…. It will only continue to grow, it will not be impacted by “cheap imports” and it will not lead to arbitrary layoffs.

How do I Make Money?

Hardware Sales

You earn a handsome commission on the sale of a terminal.

Residual Income

You will earn income every time terminals you have sold process a:

  • debit card transaction
  • credit card transaction
  • credit card discount rate uplift
  • cash back transaction

Other Services

As a business person, you will be able to earn income on other services you provide to your merchant base such as terminal installation, uploft Help Desk support, paper rolls and other supplies, Gift Card, Pre-Paid Phone Cards, etc.


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