Store System Integration

Store System Integration allows you to integrate your electronic cash register (ECR) with our point-of-sale (POS) terminal, streamlining the payment process.

Eliminating the need to enter a transaction twice, both at your register and terminal, while protecting the payment through a secure interface, Store System Integration provides your customers with a better experience and gives you peace of mind.

We offer a Semi-Integration developer toolbox that you technical staff or developer can undertake the integration process.

Why Semi-Integration?

Semi-Integration makes it easier to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Standards (PCI DSS). No sensitive card data is housed by or passed to your ECR, enabling you to reduce your PCI efforts. We certify and maintain the compliance of the payment application that is loaded on your terminal, taking the burden off you. Additionally, you can avoid the headache of duplicate end-of-day reconciliation processes.

Who Benefits From Store System Integration?

Store System Integration is indispensable for busy, high-traffic retail environments. In today’s competitive marketplace, consumers demand efficient payment transaction options. Providing an easy-to-use payment solution, our Semi-Integration toolbox allows you to focus on your customers and core business.

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