Ingenico IWL 250 – Wireless

ingenico iwl 250 terminal
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The Ingenico IWL 250 is a long range wireless terminal that communicates over the cellular networks of Rogers, Bell or Telus. It incorporates the latest technology able to accept chip cards either by inserting the chip card into the terminal or by contactless applications such as “Tap N Go”, “Interac Flash” and “ApplePay”. It is a flexible, lightweight, handheld terminal that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for on-the-go merchants.


  • Accepts Contact Chip Cards
  • Supports Contactless processing such as “Tap N Go”, Interac Flash”
  • Supports ApplePay and will support future applications
    • Countactless applications do not permit “Tips” or “Surcharge”
  • Range of 100 meters from base station.
  • Lightning fast 1 to 2 second response time
  • Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery
  • Battery strength meter
  • Signal strength meter


  • Fast Food Vendors, Restaurants
  • Delivery Stadium & Arena Sales
  • Restaurant & Food Services
  • Contractors & Consultants
  • Limousine & Taxi
  • Mobile Vendors
  • Fairs & Markets
  • Traveling Sales People
  • Conventions / Exhibitions
  • Golf and Tennis Venues
  • Outdoor Entertainment