Converge Terminals – Virtual and Smartphone

Canmor Merchant Services offers two specialty gateway based terminals: Converge Terminal and Converge Mobile. Merchants enrollment into one service will also be enrolled into the second. Converge Terminal is a gateway service that enables transactions to be processed using Laptop, Tablet or Personal Computers, while Converge Mobile enables transactions to be processed using a Smartphone.

Converge Terminal

Converge (Virtual) Terminal

You can use your laptop, desktop or tablet computers to access Converge Terminal and connect directly to secure servers to process credit card and debit card transactions. With extensive reporting and back office functionality, this service is ideal for Mail & Telephone order businesses. A maximum of 500 computers and Smartphones can be configured allowing for consolidated reporting and management activities.

Included with Converge Terminal is Converge Mobile providing the ability to process credit and debit card transactions using your Smartphone. Smartphone applications are available free of change for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Converge Mobile

Converge Mobile (Smartphone)

Ideal for businesses that are mobile and who process the occasional credit and debit card transactions. Use your existing data package from your cellular provider to process transactions. Using Converge Mobile you to process Credit and Debit Card transactions on your smart phone or tablet in real time using a secure application that you download from Apple or Google. Once you have downloaded the application, you can process Credit and Debit Card transactions either by entering the card number through the keyboard, or, you can use an attachable card reader to electronically swipe the card. Swiping the credit card reduces your cost to process the sale.

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