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About Canmor Inc.

Delivering Quality While Lowering Costs!

Canmor Inc. founded in 2002, has successfully operated various business channels in the Point of Sale industry. Senior management has been active in the POS industry since 1986 occupying senior and executive positions in Banking Merchant Services, Wireless solutions and Terminal manufacturing.

Canmor is one of Canada’s leading provider of payment processing services and secure point of sale solutions. We specialize in understanding the unique needs of small & medium businesses. Acordingly, we provide affordable & reliable payment processing solutions that assist businesses to operate more effeciently and profitably. We provide our customers with POS solutions that are “state of the art”, employing leading-edge technologies.

Canmor is able to offer Point of Sale solutions that are well priced, with no hidden costs and most importantly, with no surprises. We are able to do this without compromising Canmor’s high level of customer service.

Canmor Inc. is a registered MSP/VAR of Elavon Inc. and Global Payments.

Canmor lives by its motto “Delivering Quality while Lowering Costs”.

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