POYNT Smart Terminal…. the Future of Credit & Debit Terminals!


Credit and Debit Card processing terminals are changing. we can provide you with the Point of Sale (POS) solution that best suits your needs. And we can provide your solution at the best price!

POYNT Smart terminal represents the new wave of credit card processing terminals. Unlike the traditional terminal that does only transaction processing, POYNT is capable of much more. POYNT has been designed to integrate with other application such as QuickBooks; it can replace a cash register; it can allow multiple merchants to use one POYNT terminal.

But what makes POYNT stand out is its ability to accept and run new synergistic applications that will be created and downloaded onto POYNT further increasing the capability and value proposition of the POYNT.


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We Have Your Merchant Services (Point of Sale) Solution!


Whatever your business is Retail, Wholesale, Service, Medical, Entertainment, etc, we can provide you with the Point of Sale (POS) solution that best suits your needs. And we can provide your solution at the best price!

Whether you need a Counter-top, mobile or wireless terminal; or a full feature Virtual terminal, a Smartphone solution; or a complete Store System (including a payment terminal); or an E-Commerce solution, or even an ATM, we can help you.

As an owner you need not worry about your POS service or that you are paying too much. You have much bigger concerns in managing and growing your business. Let Canmor Merchant Services take the POS service concern away.


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Upgrade Your Store System?


Is it time to upgrade your Cash Register or old store system and start enjoying new and powerful features to assist you in running your business? Our Talech Store System offers an intuitive user interface, simply touch the picture of the product you are selling and follow the instructions appearing on the screen. Your employees will love the easy to use and ease to learn functions.

As an owner whose time is better served managing your business, Talech offers detailed reporting on products sold, inventory levels and allows you to understand which products are selling and which are not. Your time is valuable, let Talech make you more efficient.


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Don’t be left behind..!


Gift cards are an ideal way of promoting your business without spending a large amount of money on media based campaigns. Gift cards can be given as prizes, corporate/charitable donations, come-back rewards, customer appreciation, holiday and special occasions, etc.

With Electronic Gift Card solution, you get a complete package of marketing features designed to maximize your sales, plus the administrative and security features you need to make program management simple and cost-effective. Transactions are processed through your Payment Terminal and receive the same high level of security provided by Elavon’s powerful network. Additionally, gift cards are processed with the same speed and ease as credit and debit cards, which means there’s no hassle of manually processing paper gift certificates.


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Do You Understand Your Rates?


Merchant Credit Card Discount Rates have changed; no longer can a rate of 1.65% be considered a low cost rate. Visa & Mastercard have re-structured the card industry with the introduction of specialty cards, such as Visa Infinite, Corporate, Premium, Avion and other rewards cards. Mastercard, more so than Visa, supports specialty cards, High Spend and World Cards. These cards cost the Banks that issue them more than a plain Visa or Mastercard. To support the extra cost, both organizations have added a “Downgrade” or “Surcharge” to transactions when these cards are used. In short, the merchant pays more to accept these cards. Merchants will need to know what the extra cost of each card is before knowing if their pricing is good or not.

Call us today for a FREE, no-obligation analysis of your current rates. Let us help you save money.


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What People Are Saying

I am extremely satisfied with the excellent customer service provided by Canmor. Marcia is a charm.
Mathew H.
With 215 locations, we need quality service. Canmor delivers; we have very little down time, our terminals are productive.
Karim, F&G
Our shop gets very busy and having two mobile terminals means we can serve all of our customers quickly. Payments can also be taken on our customer’s doorsteps when we make local deliveries. Canmor have really helped us improve the way we do business.
Winston J., Craft Studios
Canmor’s customer service is top notch. The day before I opened my store, I realized I forgot to order an Interac terminal. Canmor saved the day; terminal was installed next day.
Garth S.
..for 3 years,I was with another company in Toronto where I was treated as a number. Canmor has been great, they care…
Lawrence S.
We are a very high volume terminal user, when we have a terminal problem Canmor sends a replacement same day. Best service we have had.
Isher P.
Great company to deal with, they really lowered my Visa & Mastercard rates. Saved me $XX each month. Why didn’t my previous company?
Kathy S.
Great service, great people, when I call I get a person not a machine.

Our Partners


Canmor Inc. is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered MSP/ISO of the Canadian branch of U.S. Bank National Association and Elavon.